Technology for Time & Fuel Efficiency

T-VOS® - is the first AI-based multi-objective voyage optimisation software for the shipping industry, capable of simultaneously optimising for time, fuels, TCE and emissions.

Combining Theyr’s high fidelity metocean data with a decade of academic research and development from the AI team at the University of Southampton and the Alan Turing Institute.

Benchmarking against existing optimisation solutions on the market demonstrates significant improvements of at least:


in fuel and corresponding emissions' savings


in transit time savings


improvement on TCE

Benefits of multi-objective approach

1. Allows higher flexibility to clients as the best route is selected from a range of visualised routes.

2. Puts different emphasis on fuel consumption and voyage time as outputs.

3. Leads to a higher quality of solutions in comparison to single-objective or weights-based optimisation

4. Avoids premature convergence on sub-optimal results and potential bias towards certain objectives

Easy integration and scalability

Scalable design and RESTful API allow seamless third-party integration with B2B maritime digital suite providers.

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