GRIBview 1.0 for iPad has been released

High-Resolution coverage - Now Global!

December 15, 2015

The most granular and accurate Global forecast available today.

We've now extended our Europe & N.Atlantic high-resolution regional coverage to Global. This domain now provides Global coverage at 0.1° resolution. The forecast duration has also been extended from 96 hours to 144 hours on an hourly time step.

Available under our Standard and Premium subscription plans.

The Theyr team.

Expedition Marine add Theyr data

September 30, 2015

Expedition Marine racing software now provide Theyr high resolution data.

Nick White's acclaimed racing software has integrated our data to provide customers with the highest resolution weather and ocean data, and one of the best racing software packages available today. A winning combination.

The Theyr team.

Pro merged with Pro2 service.

September 03, 2015

Pro has been merged with our Pro2 service.

This allows us to add more data types and to update the models more efficiently, providing our customers with more data and even better forecasts.

Pro users should contact for a free upgrade.

The Theyr team.

GRIBview for your iPad has arrived.

July 23, 2015

We're very happy to announce that GRIBview for iPad is now available on the App Store!

Our weather forecasts have been the professional mariners choice for over two decades. Today, the Theyr brand has become synonymous with accuracy.

Using the most advanced weather modelling to produce the most accurate forecasts available today, GRIBview by Theyr provides you with:

  • The highest resolution weather forecasts built on super high-precision data from 10km down to 1km resolution on an hourly time step
  • Free global forecast data for a highly compressed and very efficient overview of the oncoming weather
  • One-click access to unrivalled granular and detailed forecast accuracy for your favourite sailing areas
  • GRIB download functionality for further offline use during your maritime activities
  • Free offline charts which don't require an Internet connection to view

Our forecasts are used by many of the world's best known maritime organisations, businesses and professionals. From the most successful Olympic sailing teams and Americas cup teams to the biggest commercial names in the industry.

Save and name your favourite areas for single click downloads of multiple parameters, view files offline at any time.

The Theyr team.

1.0° Wave data: now 3 hourly!

July 20, 2015

Temporal resolution for 1.0° wave data has been doubled.

Our recent and most significant investment to our data production processes has made it possible to double the temporal resolution for 1.0° wave data which is now being provided with 3 hourly time step instead of 6 hourly provided before.

The data is available to our clients under Standard and Premium subscription plans.

The Theyr team.

Low precision: 0.5°Standard precision: 0.08-0.1°High precision: 0.01-0.04°
Coverage: GlobalView coverage mapView coverage map
Group and single mode displayGroup and single mode displayGroup and single mode display
Wind speedWind speedWind speed
Wind directionWind directionWind direction
Pressure (Sea level)Pressure (Sea level)Pressure (Sea level)
Air temperatureAir temperatureAir temperature
 Wind/Wave heightWind/Wave height
 Wind/Wave directionWind/Wave direction
Value tableValue tableValue table
 Sea Surface Temperature 0.018°Sea Surface Temperature 0.018°
 Live buoy dataLive buoy data
 Email forecast 1-30 daysEmail forecast 1-30 days
 Save settingsSave settings
  Tidal stream (N.W. Europe)
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